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Commercial Auto Gas Griddle

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  • Size850 * 540 * 850 cm
  • Weight147 kg

[KT&E Co.,Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Commercial Auto Gas Griddle (KG-714G)

│ Description │

40% Energy saving

'Delitas' high efficient fryer provides extremely dependable atmospheric heat transfer and fuel saving performance.
This patented 3 path burner system reaches up to 60% thermal efficiency and delivers lower flue temperatures.
The delitas's KT Griddle series save thousands of dollars annually on energy costs.
KT&E(delitas) Griddle have long been the trusted choice of chains and independent operators worldwide because their efficient, 3 path heat transfer system, precise controls and durability.

│ Benefits │

* For Energy Saving High Production Griddle, specify the Delitas turbo fired gas fryers with 3 Path Heat Exchange Supreme Burner Technology.
* Low exhaust and quick temperature recovery.
* Simple Design for operator friendly and easy to clean
* Reliable - designed for durability with proven components
- Dut to adopted new burner technology, the burner can be used semipermanently.
- No infrared ceramic burners to crack.

│ Features │

* Design : Open-design, easy-to-clean, Dual operating
* Input : 7000 x 2 = 14,000 kcal(16.3kw)
* Size : 850x 850 x 540
* Controller : Profile Computer Control
The ability to set multiple temperature and time profiles
Change temperatures automatically during the cook cycle for the perfect quality product
* Burners : semipermanent Metal Fiber Turbo burner
* Construction : Stainless steel
* Iginition : Electronic ignition by MICOM
* Temperature Probe & Control
Center-mounted, RTD 1° compensating temperature probe
93 ~ 220°C

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